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The Power of Networking

Do you have your own business and are you looking to increase your client base? Many jobs and contracts are filled through networking and personal recommendation. Networking is an important skill and, once learned, is a vital tool to increasing your business’s potential.

There are several ideas for effective networking. Here are just a few top tips for making an impact:

1.      Don’t ‘sell’! This will always be received badly. Networking is for making connections and should benefit both parties.

2.      When you enter the room, just take a short time to think about your first impression in the first few seconds. Have good posture and a smile! Looking confident will encourage others to want to speak to you.

3.      Make sure your handshake is firm and eye contact good when meeting somebody. Offer a handshake and introduce yourself with first and last name, even if others don’t.

4.      When talking to somebody, remember being interested in them makes you a more interesting person. Actively listen rather than dismissively – give them eye contact and comment on what they are saying. It helps to ease nerves by asking them a question first to get them talking. Don’t look over their shoulder to see if someone more interesting has entered the room.

A good local event for networking is the First Friday get together held at the Burlington Hotel Worthing. Held on the first Friday of every month from 12.30 – 2pm, this is a popular event that has been running for over two and a half years. It has a good level of attendance and, most importantly, it’s FREE! Please find further information about First Friday under the “About A&T” tab at the top of this page.

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